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How our Roof Cleaning Service differ’s from most.

  1. Roof Cleaning Experience- With over 10 years of roof cleaning under our belts we feel that our clients receive the best service that can be offered. Many other companies have the best interest in mind, but simply lack the experience.
  2. Equipment- We understand that in order to provide superior service to our clients we must have superior equipment. Each one of trailer mount systems cost in the $30,000 range.
  3. On-time arrival- We understand that everyone time is valuable that being said, we show up within our arrival window. Plain & Simple.
  4. Our 5 yr Warranty 

Why do you need Roof Cleaning?

  1. Give your house a polished look- A thorough cleaning will take off all black stains, sometimes called magma, and moss, bringing your roof back up to a like-new appearance. Professional roof cleaners often use a biodegradable chemical that has a residual effect that will continue to keep your roof clear of these blights for a minimum of one year.
  2. Protect your roof from damage- For continued protection, you can reapply the biodegradable chemical cleaner every 18 to 36 months, but you don’t have to wait until you see problems to clean your roof. This process is also a preventative one and by applying it, you’ll avoid ever seeing destructive and costly moss on your roof and even extend the life of your shingles. Check out our reviews.
  3. It’s cheaper than a new roof- Simple roof cleaning maintenance can definitely save you money. An average 900 square foot roof replacement can cost upwards of $5,500 while cleaning that same roof would cost around $260.
  4. Keep up with your warranty- Many homeowners don’t think they need to regularly clean their roof because their shingles came with a multi-year warranty, but the manufacturer actually suggests that you clean them. Just like having a 100,000 mile warranty on your car doesn’t mean that you don’t need to change the oil for that long, taking care of your roof will make sure your roof takes care of you

How will our Roof Cleaning service save you money?

  1. Curb Appeal- Friends, relatives, neighbors and prospective buyers will look at your home like it has a new roof. This will also help you sell the house faster.
  2. Making for a healthier lifestyle- By removing bacteria from your environment that could make you sick.
  3. Adding years to the life to your roof- We do this by removing Gloeocapsa Magma from your roof, which is a species of bacteria fungus that feeds upon the limestone filler in asphalt shingle. This causes granule loss as it slowly dissolves your asphalt shingles or degrades your tile roof.
  4. Lowering electric bills- By removing the heat absorbing dark bacteria fungus, which makes your roof absorb and retain heat