Pressure Washing

We offer premium grade pressure washing services

“When the truck pulls up, the dirt pulls out”

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Why Choose 1st Coast Painting for pressure washing SERVICES

  1. Most painters do not have the equipment to clean your house effectively, nor are they trained in the cleaning process.
    1. We have trailer mount hot water systems.
    2. With out proper training, pressure washing can cause damage.
  2. Our Pressure washing crews pressure wash everyday.
    1. We know the proper detergents and pressure to use.
    2. We don’t use bleach.
    3. We utilize a low-pressure wash cleaning service, which uses Eco-friendly detergents to loosen debris. This prevents damage to your home.
    4. We have extremely powerful pressure washers mounted to our trail rigs.
      1. We use them to clean driveway’s, patio’s, and garage floors.
      2. We have hot water. Hot water helps clean hard stains such as:
        1. Oil
        2. Paint
        3. Gum Removal
  3. We feel it’s easier for our clients to deal one company.
    1. After your home is painted you will still need pressure washing maintenance.
      1. Residential Pressure washing should be done at least annually.
      2. At this time it easy for do any touch-ups on your paint.
      3. Once the painter is gone, it’s hard to get him back. NOT WITH US!
      4. We want life long clients.
  4. We offer a wide range of residential pressure washing services:
    1. House Washing
    2. Driveway’s & Patio’s
    3. Window Cleaning
    4. Gutter & Downspout Cleaning
    5. Roof Cleaning
    6. Fence Cleaning
    7. Graffiti Removal
    8. Deck Cleaning
    9. Check out our reviews.