Fence Cleaning

Fence cleaning Jacksonville fl

Why is fence cleaning important.

Fence cleaning is one of those overlooked areas of cleaning. Your fence remains outside 24/7 and takes all the abuse that mother nature has to throw at it. . Whether you have a wood or vinyl fence they both require maintenance in order to ensure maximum life expectancy. Replacing a fence is extremely expensive and we are sure most homeowners rather spend there hard earned money on other projects around house such as interior painting, family vacation, upgraded bathroom, and so on. In addition to saving money, having a clean fence will be much more inviting to friends, family, or potential home buyer.Check out our reviews.

Hiring a Professional for Fence Cleaning.

Like any home improvement task you can imagine, there’s a service out there willing to do this job for you. Fence cleaning is hardly the most involved operation in the industry, but anything worth paying hard-earned cash for should produce good results. While there are bound to be individuals out there who go door-to-door, the folks who take the time to make fence cleaning their legitimate business are serious about this job. Unlike those offering services just to make a few quick bucks, established companies that offer fence cleaning are trying to build and/or maintain a good reputation and create good word-of-mouth; because of this, they have a very real interest in making sure your fence is cleaned properly, quickly, and very thoroughly.

Our Fence Cleaning Process.

  1. We perform a pre- soak of the fence. This allows our cleaning detergents to work more effectively and provide an even clean.
  2. We apply our in house cleaning detergents to your fence very liberally.
  3. We allow the detergents to marinate on the fence.
  4. We rinse your fence with medium pressure.
  5. Inspect your fence for troubled areas and spot clean prior to completion.
How Often Should I Get My Fence Cleaned?

We suggest that a fence should be washed at least once a year. However, depending on the conditions normal to your geographic area (or even those specific to your backyard), a fence may require more frequent cleaning to keep insect activity at bay, keep appearances up, and retard the growth of mold and mildew