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Yes, exterior painting improves your curb appeal, but it also protects your investment.  At 1st coast Painting we don’t just paint your house, we water-proof it. We seal all windows, doors, hairline stucco cracks, and any other gaping. We warranty all our work. Check out our reviews.

Common problems that arise, which leads to your home needing exterior painting.

  • Exterior painting of Stucco- .

    • House settles, which causes hairline cracks EVERYWHERE
    • Water protrudes through the stucco, which causes the metal mesh that holds the stucco to your home to rust. A clear sign that mesh has started to rust is when big sections of the stucco start to buckle and bubble. THIS IS BAD.
    • Don’t freak out if you see these cracks. In most case’s we can seal up all cracks and apply special rubberized coating to eliminate this problem and protect you home. The secret to saving your house and your money is to have your stucco home painted as soon as see these cracks appear.
  • Exterior Painting of Lap siding (Cement board)-

    • Lap siding is installed plank overlaying plank, which only allows for nails on the top edge of plank. This is done so nails can not be seen after installation, which allows for a clean finished product. However, since there is only nails on one edge of the plank the planks tend to have a lot movement with wind and rain. Furthermore, most builders use cheap ineffective caulking that cracks with the movement of the house.
    • It only obvious that water, wind, insects, A.C, and heat can now enter and exit your home through many different gaps and cracks.
    • Our fix- We re caulk everything that the builder did plus more. We use a 20 year Elastomeric caulking. This stuff is thick and dries like rubber. Apply 2 coats of Premium grade paint. We recommend a satin finish for great wash-ability.
  • Exterior Painting of Wood Siding (T-1-11)-

    • WOOD ROT is the first thing that come to mind when discussing a painting project involving wood siding. This form of siding is rarely used anymore due to the high upkeep, but many home still have wood siding.
    • Our Fix- Fortunately, we can still obtain the materials to replace/repair the damaged sections of your siding. O.K., we are past the wood rot and ready for prime and paint. Apply 1 coat tinted primer and 2 coats of Premium grade exterior paint. We recommend a satin finish for great wash-ability.


  • DETAILED OBSERVATION OF THE PROJECT (This is performed at the FREE estimate)
    1. This allow us to put together a detailed estimate and plan in advance. MAJOR TIME SAVER!
    2. Once our proposed estimate is accepted we will schedule a start date that works for our client, mother nature, and our team.
  • DAY 1-
    1. We pressure wash entire house, so we can remove any debris prior to exterior painting.
    2. Repair any damaged wood, door trims, and other miscellaneous repairs that are on the work order.
    3. Perform any caulking that is required.
  • DAY 2-3
    • Double check that everything is ready
    • Apply specified amounts of coats to exterior of home.
    • Perform final walk- around with clients.

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