1st Coast Painting & More Inc. is a full service interior & exterior residential and commercial painting company. We have been servicing the First Coast since 2005. We are a Military, family owned and operated company that prides ourselves on top notch service. Our experienced staff, performance history, great service, and fair pricing has been the key to our success. We always have our customer’s best interest in mind and are committed to providing a finished product that we would be proud to have in our own homes and business. So, whether you are a homeowner or business owner looking to renovate and renew your home and/or business, we believe in building a long lasting relationship with our customers. We want to become your lifetime painting professionals for all your painting needs. Check out our reviews.


House painting

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  • We are not Newbie’s to interior painting- We are celebrating our 10th year in business this year. We never had to shut our doors. We believe that our superior work, great customer service, experienced interior painters, and standing behind our work is the key to our success. We want to be your interior painting specialist.
  • Cleanliness-We understand that we are working inside your personal residence, and with that being said, we maintain a clean and organized operation through-out your project.
  • Attention to detail- A Painter is only as good as his/her prep work. Prep is often the step that is either rushed or skipped. We know that it is easier and more professional to prep properly than trying to explain to a customer that we broke or ruined something there home.
  • Example- Patching and sanding are essential steps in the interior painting process, but causes a lot of dust. Once we start sanding, the dust seeps into every crevice, especially electronics. Knowing this we drape all surface’s, so we can control the dust. These are the details that keep our clients happy.
  • Pride in our work- One of the perks of being a painter is the gratification that we get after transforming a home. We love the wow face that we get out of clients. Many interior painters just do what they have to do in order to get paid, rather with us, we want it done professionally. We want to paint all your family and friends homes, so we go the extra mile to reach perfection. Long story short, we think about tomorrow, so today’s work must be great.
  • Courteous- Now a days this is rare.


exterior painting Jacksonville fl

Yes, exterior painting improves your curb appeal, but it also protects your investment.  At 1st coast Painting we don’t just paint your house, we water-proof it. We seal all windows, doors, hairline stucco cracks, and any other gaping. We warranty all our work. Check out our reviews.

Common problems that arise, which leads to your home needing exterior painting.

  • Exterior painting of Stucco- .

    • House settles, which causes hairline cracks EVERYWHERE
    • Water protrudes through the stucco, which causes the metal mesh that holds the stucco to your home to rust. A clear sign that mesh has started to rust is when big sections of the stucco start to buckle and bubble. THIS IS BAD.
    • Don’t freak out if you see these cracks. In most case’s we can seal up all cracks and apply special rubberized coating to eliminate this problem and protect you home. The secret to saving your house and your money is to have your stucco home painted as soon as see these cracks appear.
  • Exterior Painting of Lap siding (Cement board)-

    • Lap siding is installed plank overlaying plank, which only allows for nails on the top edge of plank. This is done so nails can not be seen after installation, which allows for a clean finished product. However, since there is only nails on one edge of the plank the planks tend to have a lot movement with wind and rain. Furthermore, most builders use cheap ineffective caulking that cracks with the movement of the house.
    • It only obvious that water, wind, insects, A.C, and heat can now enter and exit your home through many different gaps and cracks.
    • Our fix- We re caulk everything that the builder did plus more. We use a 20 year Elastomeric caulking. This stuff is thick and dries like rubber. Apply 2 coats of Premium grade paint. We recommend a satin finish for great wash-ability.
  • Exterior Painting of Wood Siding (T-1-11)-

    • WOOD ROT is the first thing that come to mind when discussing a painting project involving wood siding. This form of siding is rarely used anymore due to the high upkeep, but many home still have wood siding.
    • Our Fix- Fortunately, we can still obtain the materials to replace/repair the damaged sections of your siding. O.K., we are past the wood rot and ready for prime and paint. Apply 1 coat tinted primer and 2 coats of Premium grade exterior paint. We recommend a satin finish for great wash-ability.


  • DETAILED OBSERVATION OF THE PROJECT (This is performed at the FREE estimate)
    1. This allow us to put together a detailed estimate and plan in advance. MAJOR TIME SAVER!
    2. Once our proposed estimate is accepted we will schedule a start date that works for our client, mother nature, and our team.
  • DAY 1-
    1. We pressure wash entire house, so we can remove any debris prior to exterior painting.
    2. Repair any damaged wood, door trims, and other miscellaneous repairs that are on the work order.
    3. Perform any caulking that is required.
  • DAY 2-3
    • Double check that everything is ready
    • Apply specified amounts of coats to exterior of home.
    • Perform final walk- around with clients.

Finish carpentry adds that Wow Factor!

Finish carpentry Jacksonville fl

Whether your trying to add some WOW factor to one special room in your house, or the entire house; we here at 1st Coast Painting and More have the experience to get it done right the 1st time. Since we are a painting company we can professionally finish all the trim that we install. We want to convert your house into a home. Check out our reviews.

Common Finish Carpentry packages:

  • Crown Molding- This is our most common finish carpentry request. Crown molding is the piece of trim that meets the ceiling and the wall. Crown molding really adds that custom elegant look. We offer multiple designs & stages.
  • Wainscoting- This is very popular in bathrooms, dining rooms and formal areas. Wainscoting screams custom. We off many designs and layouts.
  • Chair Rails- Chair rail were designed to stop chairs from hitting walls in a dining area, and allow for a two color scheme in a room. 
  • Upgraded Baseboards- Most homes come installed with 3.25 inch baseboard, but we are finding many homeowners upgrading to 5.75 inch baseboard. The over sized baseboard really looks nice in homes that feature 10+ft ceiling.

I want something beautiful & different, but don’t know where to start?

  • Google search- Search google images. You will have limitless selection of different styles and ideas. Find what you like, email picture to us, and we will provide you with a detailed estimate.
  • Look at your surrounding’s- While out an about look around to see if anything catches your eye, if so take a picture with your phone, text it to us, and we will put together a professional detailed estimate.
  • Check out or work: See if we have done something for one of our other clients that you like.

Pressure Washing Services


  1. Most painters do not have the equipment to clean your house effectively, nor are they trained in the cleaning process.
    1. We have trailer mount hot water systems.
    2. With out proper training, pressure washing can cause damage.
  2. Our Pressure washing crews pressure wash everyday.
    1. We know the proper detergents and pressure to use.
    2. We don’t use bleach.
    3. We utilize a low-pressure wash cleaning service, which uses Eco-friendly detergents to loosen debris. This prevents damage to your home.
    4. We have extremely powerful pressure washers mounted to our trail rigs.
      1. We use them to clean driveway’s, patio’s, and garage floors.
      2. We have hot water. Hot water helps clean hard stains such as:
        1. Oil
        2. Paint
        3. Gum Removal
  3. We feel it’s easier for our clients to deal one company.
    1. After your home is painted you will still need pressure washing maintenance.
      1. Residential Pressure washing should be done at least annually.
      2. At this time it easy for do any touch-ups on your paint.
      3. Once the painter is gone, it’s hard to get him back. NOT WITH US!
      4. We want life long clients.
  4. We offer a wide range of residential pressure washing services:
    1. House Washing
    2. Driveway’s & Patio’s
    3. Window Cleaning
    4. Gutter & Downspout Cleaning
    5. Fence Cleaning
    6. Graffiti Removal
    7. Deck Cleaning
    8. Check out our reviews.

“When the truck pulls up, the dirt pulls out”

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Commercial Painting Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island Fl

Commercial Painting “We only get 1 chance”

“You never get a second chance at a first impression.” 1st Coast Painting and More understands that first impressions are a vital part of running a successful business and standing out form others in your industry. Give your business a fresh coat of paint, or as we like to call it, a “face lift”. Repainting the interior or exterior of your business can make a world of difference in the way that prospective and existing customers view your establishment. Check out our reviews.

We are a commercial painting company that prides ourselves on having experienced painters, using high quality paints, fair pricing, and professionalism. We understand that our clients are running a business. Therefore, we will work with you to ensure the least amount of disruption to your company.

  • We service (but are not limited to):
    • Commercial
    • Hotels
    • Schools
    • Warehouses
    • Strip Malls
  • We offer services that include, but are not limited to:
    • Exterior Painting
    • Interior Painting
    • Waterproofing
    • Pressure Cleaning
    • Floor Coating
    • Stucco Repairs and other Texture Repairs
    • Wallpaper Removal

Why choose 1st Coast painting as your painting contractors.


We do not price your project on the neighborhood you live in. We have set fair pricing and our rates are figured by the wall square footage of your home. All our interior and exterior painting prices include all materials. We provide free estimates.


We estimate our projects using industry leading house paints. We believe we get what we pay for.


We screen our employee’s to ensure that we do not have any sex offenders, drug users, any theft charges, or any other crime that could bring harm to your family and/or valuables. Many companies cut cost by using individuals with these characteristics, but we feel that these saving’s will actually cost us and our clients more than what we are saving. Our peace of mind. Check out this story.


All our employees work directly for us, not another company that we sub our work out to. How does this help you? Our clients work with same people from start to end. You do not have sub painting contractors painting your home. The sub company is usually compensated poorly, which most likely equals low quality craftsmanship; due to rushing to the next job. You do not have to worry about labor liens being placed on your home due to subs not getting paid from the contractor you hired. This is scary, but the truth. You may be liable to pay these subs even if you already paid the contractor you hired. Working with us is easy and stress free, which gives you time to focus on the excitement of having your home transformed. Meet the owner.


Many painting contractors require up-front deposits. We do not ask for up front deposits! This put’s us taking all the risk, but we feel that this allows our clients to sleep easier knowing that the painter will be back tomorrow to finish the job, instead of wondering if the painter took off with my deposit check. People have been pulling this scheme for decades now. We have had many years to build and save up our working capital, so we can float our own projects. Don’t let this happen to you.


We do not show up in a broke down truck with a bunch of trash and tools stacked up in the back wearing some jean shorts that look like we have been painting in them for the last year.  As a professional painting contractors all our employees show up in a organized marked company van wearing a painters uniform that is consistent will our company branding.
We respect your home, so we do not clean our tools in your front yard or sinks. At the beginning of your project, we will ask if there is a place in the back of the house where we can clean our tools at the end of the day. If this is possible, we clean our tools and the area each day prior to going home.


We have been painting contractors in the First Coast since 2005, and never had to shut our doors. We believe that good service, fair pricing, and warranting our work has been the key to our success. Let us be your interior / exterior painting contractors. Check out our reviews.

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